The IRS allows for a remarkable, safe, conservative retirement planning vehicle. It is one of, if not THE most tax-effective asset classes in existence.

I call it a 12-layer cake because of its many layers of benefits to both the product owner and one’s family.

Here are twelve sweet layers of genuine benefits:

  1. Tax-free death benefit for your loved ones
  2. Living Benefits: for chronic, critical & terminal illnesses. Access funds while needed most
  3. Cash growth, with upside potential based on equity market performance
  4. Flexibility- you can add dollars, change indexes, reap tax advantages on more money saved
  5. Access & spend the growth with tax-free dollars.
  6. Unlimited contributions
  7. Provides protection against stock market volatility- You never place funds in the equity markets
  8. IRS- Approved Tax Advantages - Structured properly, the potential to receive income TAX- FREE!
  9. No RMDs- Required Minimum Distributions
  10. Liquidity: Access to Cash Value (No Minimum age to access funds)
  11. Legacy Planning Tool -Beneficiary not subject to income/estate tax on death benefit proceeds.
  12. Avoids probate

To learn more, reach out to me and receive a complimentary and easy Color Of Money self-assessment or Social Security Maximization Report.

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