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Do you feel anxious about life after retirement?

Our clients retire well
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Trusted advisors for over 36 years
We’ve helped countless families and businesses to safeguard assets and build their wealth.
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Plan for retirement income while preventing losses.
We help you plan the optimal medium for creation of a better income stream.
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We create guaranteed growth of assets with good yield and estate advantages.
We create personalized strategies to reach your retirement goals.

Start optimizing your money now in 3 easy steps

My 3-Step Wealth Optimization plan will help you build your life before retirement


Assess any common risk factors

Your finances may be at risk and you may not even realize it. Times have changed and so have the laws. You need to understand how secure your savings are.


Prioritize your goals and long term plans

Everyone's goals are different. This is why it is necessary to prioritize based on your needs, wants, concerns and plans.


Strategize for wealth accumulation

Based on your goals in step two, we can look for opportunities to both safeguard and grow your savings.  
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This is what we do for you

We preserve and protect retirement accounts, safeguard against taxes and penalties,
help you optimize social security elections, grow retirement funds, and create an income stream that will never be outlived
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Tax diversification
Take advantage of tax laws and ROTH conversions that may eliminate taxes throughout retirement
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Wealth accumulation
Learn proven strategies that maximize safety while planning for a guaranteed retirement income
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Social security
How to maximize benefits and avoid falling into the tax trap
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Stretch IRA
Learn how to protect your family and guard against future taxation despite new legislation being passed
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Economic uncertainty
Discover how inflation, higher taxes, devaluation of the dollar, and market fluctuations can be offset and mitigated
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Risk assessment
We’ll show you how to assess your current financial risk exposure and help you be prepared for life’s hiccups and financial challenges that may lie ahead
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About Jim and what drives him to help you retire well:

Experience matters: I've served nearly 40 years in a fiduciary capacity, that is- holding the public trust. This means I carefully evaluate risks, uncover shortfalls, needs, and opportunities, locate strong resources, and recommend suitable solutions.

I've been continuously licensed in life & health insurance, safeguarding clients and improving their retirement planning since 1992. Together with my Retirement Income team, we show clients how to assess their current financial risk exposure. Does it match their risk profile? Are they prepared for life’s unexpected events and financial challenges that lie ahead?
In 2001, James earned the respected professional designation CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor), a five year commitment and undertaking. He guided clients to loss-proof their hard-earned portfolios during the worst economic meltdown since the great depression. How? By using safe, tax-advantaged plans fully allowed by the IRS that never put a client’s assets at risk. In short, James safeguarded families from harm while at once growing their retirement funds during the nest-egg-killing recession of 2008-2010.

One result: Far greater income in the retirement years. Another outcome: Both living benefits and the important death benefit for family.
Will things go wrong? War, inflation, stagflation, illness, recession? As sure as the sun rises. At that time, I have the honor to remind clientele how very prepared to retire well they are.

True Story: When families and businesses suffer losses, it is great relief to receive tax-free and tax-advantaged money, as I brought about during the Northridge, CA earthquake, for those who developed critical or chronic illness, and after loss of life or income. We are here to ready you and prevent outliving your savings, even if you're late to the gate or have had serious setbacks.

Our achievements

I am grateful that over the years I have had the opportunity to help and protect many peoples finances


What our clients have to say
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Katie R.
Retired, MD
“Jim has helped my husband and I immensely. He always has our best interest at heart. Not only is Jim a great advisor, he is a very caring and personable person.”
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Norman G
“As I approach retirement age, I have long been concerned about the Windfall Elimination provision regarding Social Security.  Jim left no stone un-turned as he gathered our financial records and plugged them in to his Financial algorithm and developed a retirement program that assuaged our fears about retiring within a couple of years." 
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Tim C
“Jim Schweikert is a breath of fresh air! He is very knowledgeable and went above and beyond on several occasions now, that really makes us feel appreciated. What a professional!!! Thanks Jim”

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